The Two Metre Movement // People in Quarantine

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

The Endean's during lockdown

The majority of 2020 so far has been a bizarre time, to say the very least. The population of the UK were in lockdown and could only leave their houses to go food shopping and for exercise once a day. We now use new phrases such as social distancing, self-isolation, stay at home, and key workers are known as the new true heroes. I have never experienced something such as this in my lifetime. Its all because of a virus called Covid-19 that started in China and has now swept the world.

So, here we are. How does a photographer with no workshops, no families, no weddings to shoot keep busy and feel inspired during this time? Firstly, I invested in a new macro lens so I'm getting busy with the tiny world. Bring me all the bugs and flowers! Loads of fun!

Anyway, after being inspired by seeing another photographers work up north, I decided to embark on a human project. Capturing people in quarantine. How often does a photographer get to document the times we live in, in such a monumental way?

'It's an artists duty to reflect the times in which we live' - Nina Simone

So how was I doing this?

- You had to live within walking distance of my home so I could pass by on my daily exercise.

- I would always shoot from the pathway so we don't even come close. I'd be at least two metres away! I wouldn't even knock on your door, we would agree a time and I would text you when I was outside.

No rules were broken at all and no-one was put at risk. I simply passed by, took a shot then was gone!

In order for this to be walking distance from my home, I covered Southbourne, Tuckton, Wick... as far as I could walk there and back within an hour really!

So, here it is, The Two Metre Movement; people in quarantine the final cut, with a few added animals or documentary shots thrown in for good measure! I got to meet new humans and give their families their very first photos together! It was an absolute honour.Thank you to one and all involved! It's been great getting to meet so many of my local community (from a safe distance - of course!) and spreading that little bit of happiness and positivity that we all needed.

Emily x

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