The Perfect Lighting

I was recently contacted by a company called BenQ who provide consumer electronics, computing and communications devices and the bit I'm most interested in here - Screen lighting!

So they asked if I would be keen to test out their Monitor Light Screen Bar Plus and be able to keep the product in return for a fair and honest product review. I was over the moon, I'm super keen on trying out different products that can add benefit to my photography editing workflow and my working day in general.

It connects via USB which is super convenient and just has a small desktop dial / control panel. As you can see above, it has a specially designed clip makes the attachment onto my monitor super easy and flexible. You can set it to auto dim depending on the ambient lighting, alter the strength of the light and the temperature of the light too which is a really awesome feature. Its causes absolutely no screen glare and I love the space saving element. Coming in super handy for these darker afternoons and evenings, I'm using it both at my work monitors for my day job (as I'm working from home just as I imagine many of you are too!) and my laptop for my photography work.

They do retail at £119 for this version of the screen bar which at first glance I considered it a bit pricey myself (I said this was an honest review!) but after using it for the past couple of months I have to say I couldn't be without it now!

The good news is, BenQ will be running a sale on their website with 10% discount off the retail price from 23 Nov to 30 Nov.

If like me you are working from home and struggling to get the lighting right, then I can highly recommend checking this and the other BenQ screen lighting bars out. I can honestly say I am using this every single day!

Thank you to BenQ for the opportunity!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope this may be of use to at least one person out there!


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