Polarizing Filters and Why we Use them!

Polarizing filters can help your landscape and seascape photography by reducing glare, reflections and increasing vibrancy when used in the correct way, in short, these are one of the most useful accessories a photographer can own.

So firstly what is it? Its a filter that sits on the end of your lens and when rotated it changes the effect it has on light entering your lens. At different angles of rotation, the amount of light that’s filtered out will vary. It all depends on which direction the sun is, a ninety-degree angle to the sun usually offers the best results.

You might remember a blog I wrote about a neutral density filter? Well the team over at Tide Optics sent me their polarizer to try out.

So I took this out and hit the beach for some seascape photography, and where better to test out a product than down at my local? Here are the results!

Firstly, I thought I'd show you the impact of a polarizer on the contrast, colours and glare. It makes the sea look much more beautiful, don't you think?

Its a really simple bit of kit to use and comes in so many thread sizes. Screws nicely onto the end of the lens and twist until you get the desired results! Does exactly what you need it to! and it comes at a very affordable price tag too, much cheaper than many on the market with zero compromise on quality! Here are the results of my shoot. Not much by way of a sunset, but a beautiful blue feel instead.

In summary, it's a really great quality product for an amazing price tag, making filters affordable for everyone.

Anyway you can see more details on the Tide Optics website and even make a purchase here!

I'm actually so confident in the brand that I am an ambassador of Tide Optics. As an ambassador, I am pleased to be able to offer out a discount code for you - so be sure to use EMILY10 at the checkout!

I hope this review and overview of why we need to use polarizers in landscape / seascape photography- please do let me know if this helps and if you decide to try this filter out for yourself!

As always, thanks for reading and happy shooting!

Emily x

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