Being a Fujifilm X Photographer // What being a brand ambassador means to me.

Following the recent announcement that I have joined the Fujifilm team as an X Photographer / Brand Ambassador I just wanted to explain what this means to me personally and how this collaboration came about. I've had alot of messages and questions and its clear that some people think it might be for free stuff or the social media presence, and it's so far from the truth, so I thought it was a good time to write about the experience!

My relationship with Fujifilm began in 2018. I had been shooting with heavy DSLR’s before this, and after a trip around India ending up with shoulder and back ache carrying my kit bag around I decided it was time for a change. I was looking at moving to the XT3 and if I'm honest, I'm not very technically minded, so the reason I was looking towards these cameras weren't necessarily all spec driven, it was more a feeling. Which is how most of my photography is driven!

I started getting out with the XT3 and reached out to Fujifilm and started tagging them in my stories and posts online. I remember receiving a response in the first few days where a member of the team said they hoped I was enjoying the system and to let them know if there was anything they could do to help, just to ask. So there the relationship began, we regularly kept in touch and then some opportunities arose. I was asked if I would be interested in testing out the new 10-24mm lens and of course I said yes! It also meant being involved in shooting for a short film; not just about the lens but focused around me too for the marketing of it. The Fujifilm team came down to Dorset with a videographer and we spent the whole day out on location along the Jurassic Coast. It was the best day, just such an awesome experience. Anyway you can read more about that here - and watch the short film too!

Moving onto the Spring Shoots for The Photography Show last year. It was during the pandemic and the usual event couldn't go ahead so there was a weekend of online talks and workshops, and Fujifilm put me forward to talk on their behalf! Again I just couldn't believe the great opportunity I'd been presented with. I spoke for 45 minutes all about my photography and my journey which was really well received.

It feels like its all been leading to this point, being able to represent the brand that's supported me for the last few years. Its an absolute dream!

So what does it mean from here on in? It means lots more work on Fujifilms behalf, from blogs, product testing, talking on their behalf, representing the brand in my imagery... There might even be some workshops in the future so watch this space!

I'm really looking forward to contributing towards the brand and its online presence, as well as continuing on my photography journey and seeing where it takes me.

Thanks for reading! If you like the content please do give it a like or a share on social media and I hope its given you a good insight.

Take care and happy shooting,

Emily x

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