A Journey Through My Lens - Issue Two

Wow, and just like that another month has gone! So welcome to issue two of A Journey Through My Lens, lets dive into what I've been up to in April.............

Amateur Photographer Magazine

Amateur Photographer Magazine approached me to talk about my image, Pretty In Pink, which was shortlisted in IGPOTY (International Garden Photographer of the Year). I also offered some top tips for anyone looking to photograph plants, for me its all about anything in photography; great light! Shooting at sunrise or sunset will give you that soft glow and warm colours. Or even explore the woodland floor at sunrise, look out for pockets of light coming through the trees, this has to be my favourite thing to do - certainly during bluebell season which is coming very soon! Of course bluebell season has arrived and we are in lockdown so sadly it will be missed this year - hopefully it will be bigger and better for 2021!

How am i keeping inspired in lockdown?

Macro work - I invested in a Macro lens when lockdown began as I knew I'd need something to keep me busy in the garden! I went for the Fujifilm 60mm F2.4 for those interested. The shallow depth of field is just amazing. Its taken me back to my early days of photography and how much I loved capturing the small world. Feels like rekindling an old flame! Its great fun!

The Two Metre Movement

I have also embarked on a human project; capturing people in quarantine. How often does a photographer get to document the times we live in, in such a monumental way? In order that no rules are broken and government advice adhered to:

You have to live within walking distance of my home so I can pass by on my daily exercise. I will shoot you from the pathway so we don't even come close. I'll be at least two metres away! I won't even knock on your door, we will agree a time and I will text you when I'm outside. No rules will be broken at all and no-one will be put at risk. I will just pass by and take a shot then be gone!

You can see the rest of my selection of images on my blog here, get in touch if you live local to me (Southbourne) and want to get involved!

Quote of the month:

So the above fits in nicely with my Quote of the Month, which I've decided to add to each monthly issue for a bit of inspiration.

"It's an artist's duty to reflect the times in which we live" - Nina Simone

Favourite shot of the month

As part of my doorstep photography project, the Two Metre Movement, I had to include one of the Endean's! I got the shot ready, on a tripod outside my house and set the timer for 10 seconds! Funnily enough, Buster and Ady don't get on, but Ady still came downstairs and posed nicely with us. It all turned out perfect!

Hot Topic - Photography during lockdown

From seeing posts in different groups I belong to on Facebook, this is a very hot topic. Some think no photography should be done at all, some think photography to a certain extent is fine. Seems taking camera out appears to be quite controversial! My personal opinion is that if you are out anyway on your exercise local to home and you have your camera in your bag in case there is something that inspires you, then whats the issue with that? I wouldn't feel comfortable heading out for photography as my only reason, even setting up a tripod and hanging around. But handheld as you are walking by and not stopping, whats wrong with that? I have received some negativity from my Two Metre Movement project,which has been from photographers. So thankfully the local community in Southbourne have been nothing but positive and supportive. From general families at home to key workers and NHS staff, everyone has wanted to be a part of this project. I'd be out on my dog walk with Buster anyway, walking the streets of Southbourne... I just have my camera in my bag. No stopping, just take a shot and I'm on my way!

So that concludes another month, thanks for reading guys.

Stay well and keep safe!

Emily x

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