A Journey Through My Lens: Issue Four

So it's finally here, we're in full swing of Summer and you can almost smell the fresh wild daisies. Throughout June, one week in particular had truly epic conditions and despite starting the month finding getting up for a sunrise a huge struggle (I mean, who is a fan of a 3am start right?) I found myself desperate to get up early and see what the landscape was like and what I could do with it. Photography is more than just a skill or talent; it's a passion that needs constant fulfilment. I am constantly checking weather apps and trying to figure out if certain locations can be captured at their very best in interesting conditions. Having that drive and passion will push past any boundaries you may face because after all, doing anything you love is worth doing as much as possible! Here are some of my results from that week, and hopefully some inspo for you to grab your camera and get out in nature.......

Amazing Achievements

My fav shot from Mays edition of Corfe Castle was awarded a GOLD in the Guild of Photographers Monthly competition. Not only that, but it came in the top 4 of the whole month! Believe me when i say the standard is very high indeed, with many amazing photographers taking part. Top 4! ME?! Mental! It means that I am also awarded with a product designed by One Vision. I'm super excited about this and once I am in receipt, I'll be sure to share this product with you!

Also, I received the magical email I hoped for but never expected; I've made it into the Landscape Photographer Of The Year finals! I had 4 images short listed and the final images aren't disclosed so I have no idea what image or images have made it to the next stage. The full results will be released in October so we will all have to wait a bit longer for the full and final announcements! I'm going to need to try and keep it together until then......super exciting!


I am absolutely delighted to be part of the Guild of Photographers ‘Portraits of Togetherness’ initiative, where photographers across the country are saying a massive THANK YOU to our local heroes. You are invited to nominate your ‘local hero’ who has given so much during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. This could be an NHS worker, front line worker, key worker or someone who has gone ‘above & beyond’ to support a vulnerable neighbour or friend. Nominations are open until 15th July, when I will select 2 lucky winners.

I will be offering a choice of the following: Offer 1: A free outdoor portrait or family photo shoot with 5 digital images. (Needs to be within 10 miles of Southbourne and for up to 1 hour). Offer 2: Your choice of print from my shop, up to A2 in size to go on your wall at home.  Full details on how to nominate your hero can be found here.

Tip of the Month

This is a lovely new feature I've decided to include in my monthly issue is tip of the month. Sometimes this might be even the most basic of tips for those new to photography or even just an insight into how I do things and my thought process. I'm kicking this off with a connection to how I started this post, it's all about conditions, install some weather apps on your phone and check them................all the time!! The one I gravitate to and can recommend is called Clear Outside. See whats coming up for the next few days. I generally look out for a fairly high percentage of cloud, and timed right with sunrise or sunset this could more than likely mean a beautiful display of colour. Or look out for warmer days, cooler night, high humidity and low wind speeds, it's likely you will see mist. Think about locations that are prone to mist (such as an obvious one in Dorset being Corfe Castle) and try your luck on those mornings. So keep checking for those conditions and with an added dose of luck on your side, you should be able to capture some wonderful images!

So this brings me to tell you that I will be running a Q&A throughout July so I can find out what types of tips you all will find helpful, but bare in mind that this is an opportunity to ask me anything!!

Little Pleasures

Quote of the Month, probably the most famous photographer of them all. What this means to me is how I see an image in my minds eye, I will plan and go out to make that image happen. There is so much more to the whole experience than just going out and "taking" a photo.

"You don't take a photograph - you make it" - Ansel Adams

Image of the Month is from a very relaxing evening in Christchurch, watching as the wind came to a standstill and nature put on a wonderful display.

So that concludes June, hope you enjoyed a little read. Please keep an eye out on my Instagram & Facebook pages for all the exciting upcoming things over the next few weeks.

Stay well and keep safe.

Emily x

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