A Journey Through My Lens: Every summer tells a story.......

Hi guys!!!

It’s been a while, how’s your summer been? Here’s how mine went………........


I ran some family mini shoots which went really well and eased me back into doing some paid work post lockdown, I kept it really local and met a few lovely families!

Away from the photography side of things, I’ve started to volunteer at an animal sanctuary - anyone who knows me, knows animals have a HUGE place in my heart. You can find out more about the sanctuary here. My wife and I have also been fundraising for them, they are desperately trying to build new fences to keep the animals safe, and want to expand their current space. Massive thanks for all the donations so far - you can view and donate on our just giving page here.

We were also lucky enough to experience Comet Neowise, which I stayed local to shoot but once I turned around, the Milky Way stole the show! I love how straight after blue hour, the milky way is visible in the darkest spots of Dorset. You will have seen one of my shots from that night as it was the shot of the month for my previous newsletter!


So in August I began taking pre orders of my 2021 calendar - they have now arrived and all those pre orders are being shipped imminently! This is something I love to create every year and is my 5th year of doing them and it's a huge honour that you guys love them too! Don’t forget they can be purchased via my website shop here.

As for shooting in August, that consisted of a combination of storms, heather in the New Forest, and something new too…. I purchased a GoPro Hero 8 to capture some shots out in the ocean. This summer has been an amazing one for the opportunity of being out in the sea. It’s a huge love of mine, and to combine photography with it, well what's not to enjoy! I have even embarked on a new collection so see below…... and watch this space!

I’ve really been feeling the love and support from my ever growing followers on both facebook and instagram that I felt I wanted to give something back. So I decided to give away a print and a calendar, the giveaway was a huge success with so many of you entering! The winners have been announced and prizes are being popped in the post very shortly. Thank you again guys!

The Q&A

So I ran a little Q&A throughout the summer and here’s what you wanted to know……..

Is there money to be made from landscape photography?

Yes there is, if you can master the craft and produce quality images. I remember the first time someone wanted to purchase one of my images as a print; I couldn't quite believe it. They wanted my picture on their wall? Seemed like madness because back in those days I didn’t think I was very good, but it was a huge vote of confidence. I’ll never be a millionaire but what I sell these days is fairly steady and all via my website. Once an image is uploaded, it’s very easy to administer the sales. Don't undervalue your work either, you need to consider your time, expenses and experience that went into making that image.

Does your blog bring you income in?

No, sadly it doesn’t. I’m very welcome to ideas on this if anyone has any experience of making an income from a blog?! However, I have been approached by a few brands to collaborate with them so there will be future blogs posts with my thoughts and feelings on helpful products! Watch this space!

When out snapping landscapes, which metering setting do you use?

Multi, spot or average? It can vary and depends on the scene in front of you, I think my default is usually multi, but I’ll tend to see what suits best at the time. However, to be honest, I don't think it massively matters which metering mode you use as correct exposure always means I’ll be watching my live preview, the histogram and correcting the exposure settings. I always shoot in manual, so it will be dependent on how you want to compensate for the amount of exposure. i.e too bright then quicken the shutter, too dark then slow it down, pick up the ISO etc. Its all a balancing act of every single one of the settings on your camera. I feel this is why its sooo important to understand the camera you use to get the most out of it and control the light and the scene in front of you!

What's your favourite lens you use for seascape and landscape?

I’d say my go to lens is my 14mm Fuji. It's pretty wide, and can mean making the most of your foreground or those waves swooshing by on the shoreline. A wide angle isn’t always ideal as things can get lost in certain scenes, so I always have a variety of lenses with me!

How do I overcome poor light?

A tripod is a necessity in landscape photography and once you are set up in a steady position, you can expose for longer and the poor light or lack of light won't really matter. I do love a moody scene and quite often you can find me shooting down at my local beach in between rain showers. It's about making the most out of the scene in front of you and I really enjoy doing that at the ocean on those miserable days!

Who inspires you?

Everyone and everything, but I guess it's mainly the ocean, sorry to be so vague haha. For me, it’s watching the way the waves crash on shore, it makes me watch the movement and see how I want to capture them and the way the light dances on the water at sunrise. I also like to scroll through my instagram feed, which is full of so many amazing inspiring photographers and artists. My wifes abstract art, especially when she uses the colour of the ocean.

What camera should I buy?

That really is dependent on so many things, it’s all about budget and personal preference. I can tell you what I use and what that works for me, but there are so many amazing cameras out there these days that you can’t really go wrong! I have written a piece about my move to Fuji a little while back though, so please do have a read of that if it can be of any assistance at all - just in respect of this particular model of course though!

Can we go on a shoot together?

Sure, I love to meet other creatives and develop new connections but please be aware that I’m not that much of a social shooter! During golden hour, I’ll likely be running from one place to another, making the most of the light or whatever my mind's eye takes me to. I’ll totally be in my own zone! It’s always great sharing how ‘amazing’ that was on the way home or back to the car though so don't get me wrong, I am a very sociable person - honest! I do run workshops though, so if you are keen on learning techniques and tips then please do check out my website here (link workshop tab?) - and get in touch!

Great questions guys, hope this helps.

Fav pic of the month

We enjoyed some crazy late summer weather, also known as Storm Francis!! I took this shot across Bournemouth Bay, just as the light was golden and the water was whipping up, these guls also flew into place - perfect! It was a quick handled shot with a zoom lens and my fave from that morning! Goes to show, don't stick to your tripod in the sand, keep on the lookout and ready for action!

Fav Quote of the month

Sticking with my obsession of the ocean….

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever - Jacques Yves Cousteau

New Project

I’ve got something new developing (excuse the pun!), and those of you who follow my adventures on social media will know! A full blog post will follow shortly………...look out for The Deep Blue Collection!!

So that concludes my summer, hope you enjoyed the insight of my adventures!! This will actually be the last of the A Journey Through My Lens blog series, I’m doing this a little differently going forward, and it will now be exclusively for my newsletter subscribers. So if you want to be included be sure to head over to my website and subscribe.

Stay Safe.

Emily x

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