My Move To Mirrorless

I know I am a bit late in this blog post, I've been meaning to write about my experience of my move to Fuji for ages I've just been a bit busy...

Over the last few months I’ve had numerous messages asking why I've moved to Fuji and a mirrorless no less. People have been asking my opinion on the camera so I thought it easier to write a blog post which will hopefully explain my thought process and how i feel about it all.

I've been a nikon shooter since I first started out around 7 years ago and I got great images from my D7200 and D610 bodies and whole range of lenses. It was time for an upgrade and I was considering the D850. It had just come out and it seemed like the obvious choice; the top new camera that nikon had on offer. However, starting to suffer from the heavy bag and arm ache from lugging the weight around of big DSLRS and everything that goes with it, I started to mull over the thought of moving to mirrorless. I toyed with several cameras, the choice out there is so great for us photographers at the moment. You can't really purchase a bad camera. It's just about thinking what's right for you and within your budget. A move to a whole different system was never going to be cheap and scarred me a little at first... but now I'm so pleased I took the plunge!

I researched a lot, read a few reviews and blogs online and opted for the newly released Fuji XT-3. I have to say I was also looking at the Sony and on paper it was probably top of its field but I kept getting drawn back to the Fuji. Yes the new Sony had the edge with more megapixels, but did I really need them? No. 

The look of the Fuji was the first thing that enticed me... the top dials on the body, aperture ring on the lens. It was so retro and I loved the look! 

I'm not very technically minded, so the reason I was looking towards this camera weren't necessarily all spec driven, however here are the main reasons:

 - Size - it really matters when travelling. The Fuji is lightweight and small, also meaning I could get a smaller bag!

 - Electronic viewfinder (evf) - I can see what the camera sees. You can set your shot up and see exactly how your final image will be exposed.

 - 11fps (30fps in performance mode) That's great for any faster moving action!

 - Silence! With no mirror, provided you turn the beeping off its perfect for being inconspicuous (perfect for wildlife and weddings and just to generally be less annoying! ha ha)

- Long Exposures - you can set the camera to expose as long as need directly on the camera so no need for remotes. You can even see the timer counting down to when your image is complete. So refreshing to be able to do this all in camera! (DSLRS generally need you to go into bulb mode, then use a remote to keep the shutter open).

There is a negative though and that's battery life - Probably the most criticised point is battery life: The batteries of mirrorless cameras don’t last very long. Constantly shooting in live view is going to eat up any battery. I have 2 spares which are always fully charged and on me as back ups. 

From first picking the camera up and having a play, learning where things are and my very first shoot with the XT-3 to now, I have to say it's been a pleasure to learn. So intuitive with the dials being on top of the camera! I enjoy this camera every time I get it out of the bag.

Plus I've actually just purchased a Fuji XT-2 as well as my back up camera!

So what's in my bag now?

Fuji XT-3 (main body)

Fuji XT-2  (back up body)

Fuji 14mm

Fuji 18-55mm

Fuji 70-200mm



Filters (Lee 100mm set up)

Tripods (Manfrotto BeFree and Benro Travel tripod - both really lightweight!)

Well, thank you for reading and I hope this answers some of the why questions?

Please do follow me on my Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the images produced by this awesome little camera! 

Thanks, as always

Emily x

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