How Important are Great Quality Prints?

It's always great seeing your work in print, even more so when someone else wants to buy your image for their walls. When the guys at L.Type got in touch to send me over some samples I was really keen. With my online shop now open I had been thinking about what would be best for my customers, so I jumped at the chance to accept the offer and in exchange write this review.

I sent them 5 files and within 2 days the prints landed on my doorstep. Impressive from the get-go! Quality is extremely important to me and L.Type Printing oozes quality all the way from opening the black, satin envelope. Once inside, the prints are vacuum packed to perfection. Then, the prints themselves.... I couldn't quite believe how true to life these prints make the image come across. You really feel like the scene is right in front of you! At 530gsm, their weight and stiffness mean that the prints make an immediate impression. They use the best silver halide papers in the FujiFilm Crystal Archive Professional range. Featuring their unique, patented photonic technology, the L.Type print is ultra-high-resolution 400 ppi true continuous tone. The colours and the detail were just mind blowing! The crisp, edge-to-edge sharpness is a quality like I haven't personally seen before. Extremely beautiful prints. Makes me want to print everything! I actually requested a further 4 prints from them as I simply couldn't resist!

Here are a few images where I have tried to reflect the pure quality and detail these prints display.

Based on just how impressed I am, I have decided to partner up with the team at L.Type in providing my prints to you. So when you head over to my shop you know you are getting the best quality printing around! They will be providing my A4 and A3 printing. Anything larger will be via my online pro printers who I usually use for everything - also very reliable!

Special Offer Just for You!

I have partnered with L.Type prints and bring you a special offer to save almost £40! Get 4 A3 premium prints for £12, all-inclusive by using promo code [EEP4A312]. Valid until 31.08.18. To proceed, simply send your high-res image files, with embedded colour profiles, to using the WeTransfer button. Files can also be sent using dropbox or any other preferred method. Need help? please contact

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