The Colour and The Chaos

I first came across Clare on Instagram. She was in India and I was fascinated in seeing what it was like and what she would post. As some of you know I am off there myself soon and I am currently obsessed with finding out as much as I can in preparation for my time there.

Then a few weeks back I had an email asking if I was available to do a Yoga photo shoot for a portfolio.... Clare? I thought you were in India! Turns out she was back from India and was temporarily based about 5 miles away in Poole. Madness! What an absolutely tiny world we live in!

Anyway, of course I was up for this shoot; totally honoured that Clare chose me to capture these images for her. Plus it meant I got to hear all about India!

The shoot went so smoothly; Clare did her thing in all kinds of Yoga positions and I just captured the moment. We chose Bramble Bush Bay as Clare could balance on the 'dragons teeth' (wartime concrete structures) and the sun would be setting out across the bay. I had already visualised capturing Clare in the golden light with sun bursts coming through, bouncing the light against her body causing sun bursts.

In exchange, a few days later in the post I received a book: Mysore to the Mountains. It's Clare's autobiographical telling of her first spiritual pilgrimage to India. I'm halfway through and absolutely loving it. A fantastic insight not only to Clare's experiences but an insight into what I will be travelling to in India. Thank you so much Clare! I'm a true believer in fate and how people come into your life for a reason and I'm thankful to have met such a positive, kind and inspirational person.

Take a look at Clare's website where you can find a link to the book if you are interested:

Also you can follow her on Instagram- the colour and the chaos.

All that's left is for me to share my favourite images from our shoot!

As always thanks for reading.

Emily x

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