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Over the past 6 months I have been presenting talks to camera clubs and sharing my passion for landscape photography. It's something I never saw myself doing and thought I had a fear of speaking in public - how wrong I was! How can you be scared of talking about something you love when people actually want to hear what you have to say? As for my website, I have realised that being so busy blogging about lifestyle shoots I have neglected to write about my biggest passion! So here goes...

First the basics, what equipment do you need, what to look for, what makes a good photo?

Preparation is key. Before rushing out the door its really important to have researched and planned to make the best of your shoot. This is especially true of new locations but even places you have been before. There are vital items to check like the weather, tide times, planning the route, how long will it take and parking.

What kit do you need? In my kit bag I have a full frame body and a crop sensor too - nikon d7200 and d610 ( currently saving for the d850! )

Lenses - (Most commonly) - Wide angle 20mm Nikon, 50mm Nikon, 70-200 Sigma.


Shutter release

Filters (Lee grads, little stopper and big stopper)

Spare batteries



Well, what does make the perfect image? Composition? Exposure? It does help but its certainly not everything. For me its the emotion, representing the scene in your way and trying to tell a story. Be mindful of whats around you. Mindfulness is about being entirely present in that moment, the sights, the sounds. In photography its about extending past the technical and compositional choices and following what your mind and eye sees.

What motivates me? I have been shooting landscapes for around 5 years now and it's something that's embedded deep within me. I feel such a sense of connection with nature that it forms part of me. Being out at a stunning location, seeing the conditions vary and taking in the excitement as the sky lights up with those other worldly colours... there really is nothing quite like it!

My Top Tips

Its all about chasing the light or weather conditions - think about the best times of day and the position of the sun. Dawn and dusk are the best for softer light and those spectacular colours.

What will be your point of interest? Think about what composition will work best for your image.

Rules. There are many rules to what makes a composition work such as; rule of thirds, leading lines, filing the frame, focusing. Consider these, but it doesn't mean rules can't sometimes be broken!

Your choice of lens can really change your image. A telephoto lens will let you zoom in on certain areas and really compress the view. A wide angle will take in a large vista, make things look smaller when they are far away, or larger when really up close.

That's all for now, as I wanted to keep this brief and just provide you with an overview of what goes into my talk. I hope this blog post has been a useful, quick insight into why I do what I do and some quick tips for you to consider when going out to capture a landscape shot.

If there are any elements you would like me to go into a little deeper in these blogs, then please do let me know!

Here are a small selection of varied shots that currently feature in my talk - enjoy!

Thank you for reading,

Emily x

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