Josh & Ashleigh - Engagement Session 08/04/18

Knowing Ashleigh for a number of years (almost as long as I have known my wife in fact!), there is nothing more rewarding than knowing I am going to capture her and Josh's special day. What a privilege to be able to tell their story!

Over the weekend we got together to have a practice run with some smoke bombs. I needed to know how they will work with the photography as we certainly don't want to be faffing about on the day! I learnt that firstly they can be alot of fun, getting the colours right and dispersing the right amount of smoke it can have a great impact. Secondly, they didn't stain any clothes or skin - Result!

It was a pleasure to grab some shots of the happy couple during a walk around the new forest and even getting to include their furry baby, Archie.

For me a good photograph evokes emotion when the light, timing and composition all come together. Its capturing those fleeting moments of laughter and tears... all of the emotion that goes hand in hand with a wedding day. Add in the added bonus of seeing your friends enjoying the biggest day of their lives and its going to be a special one indeed.....

Here are my favourites from the smoke bomb trial run!

As always, thanks for reading!

Emily x

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