Nic & Steph - Engagement Session - 25/03/18

For Nic & Steph’s engagement session we decided to meet at Hengistbury Head beach. The beach has special meaning for them. Steph proposed to Nic on a beautiful beach in Disney and its a place they plan to revisit on their honeymoon. I chose Hengistbury for the fact it’s such a beautiful setting with both the beach and the grassy dunes. It was the perfect location for our shoot!

Engagement shoots are a great idea as they give you an opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer, and how the shots will be approached on your big day. Not many people will have taken part in a photo shoot before so it’s also great experience in getting you used to being in front of the camera.

In my experience, engagement shoots are a lot of fun and you will end up with some great pictures to remind you of the days before you were married.

For any natural, outdoor shoot I would always recommend shooting during the hours leading to sunset – just as we did during Nic & Steph’s beach shoot. Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love that golden light at the beginning and end of the day. It makes the landscape even more beautiful and offers a softer scene, rather than the harsh light of the day.

A bit of a weird tip here – be clear about colours! Nic & Steph asked me what were the best colours to wear and I responded with neutral. What I meant by this was colours that didn’t clash, not the same colours but still co-ordinated in some way. Anyway, if you google neutral you will end up with various tones of beige and brown – this is not what I meant! After having a conversation with my wife that morning, I quickly realised I had better get in touch – no one wanted the couple wearing clothes the same colour as the sand! That would look odd- that’s if we could even see them at all! Ha-ha.

It was a pleasure to meet these lovely ladies and to celebrate their engagement and love with a fantastic shoot at the beach. Now bring on the wedding!

Here are a handful of my favourites from the day.

As always, thank you for reading.


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