Movie Stars in the Making?

Probably not, but today was no ordinary day. Today myself and fellow photographers, Cissa Rego, Dave Lawrence and Brian Terrey along with Carl Cahill from Purbeck Wallpapers were joined by Alastair and Pete from the BBC to capture us doing our thing for a feature on South Today.

The day began with a 5am alarm call and once I was ready to hit the road and pick up Cissa on route. We all met at Peveril Point in Swanage to capture the sun rising. After checking the weather conditions all week the skies were looking clear, which is a landscape photographers worst nightmare! As we took the walk to the rocky tip of swanage the weather gods began to smile down on us with some lovely conditions. Clouds moved into play and as the sun reached the horizon there was a lovely golden warm glow.

We continued to shoot and had lots of fun while being interviewed. Here's a few behind the scenes images from the morning.

Then we moved onto the cafe for a tasty, well deserved breakfast.... and a spot of editing!

After battling with the Wi-Fi to try and send the final image to be printed up we headed over to see the print in progress. It already looked incredible! Then onto lunch.... we were well looked after by Aunt Sally with food and drinks and even joined by Lexi the dog!

Back to the house to hang the wallpaper and see the end result!

What a day from shooting sunrise to the finished piece of wallpaper art... simply amazing. So honoured the BBC found it interesting enough to feature! Now on home for the viewing on South today. In case you missed it, you can find it on iPlayer to catch up!

Not forgetting to share the final image of course.....

Now to relax and watch South Today for myself...

Massive thanks to Carl from Purbeck Wallpapers and the BBC for making it happen!

Thanks for reading!

Emily x

**** Update! CLICK HERE for the link to the clip - all 2 mins 40 seconds of it!

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