Well to a certain extent! Freed
New Life

Friday morning I set my alarm

For a first outing since lockdown
75 years // VE Day 
Breathe deeply and c

Now's the time the bluebell
Daily Dose

As part of my daily exercise
The Golden Hills of Melbury Abbas__Morni
Frosty__As the sun rises across Christch
Mountain Roads _Morning everyone and hap
The Giant at the Summit__Located in the
The Red Carpet__Morning everyone and a v
The Iconic Hut__The two most engaging po
Apparition__A touch of mist and moments
Amongst the Crowd__During one of my rece
Reflections of Autumn__As the season is
The Canopy__When the New Forest is shrou
Submerged__Morning everyone! Happy Frida
On The Forest Floor
Autumnal Lanes__A firm favourite from la
Windy Post__Morning everyone! I am fresh
Entwined__Nestled on the eastern slopes
Together__These trees just couldn't be k
Full of Wonder__Hello everyone! I'm back
The Grot__One of my favourite spots in t
Breathtaking _The Glen Etive road goes o
Roaming__Morning everyone! Thanks for th
Autumnal Lanes__A firm favourite from la
Autumn Light__Visiting a woodland is gre
The Castle on the Hill__Morning guys! Cl
Fairy tales and Legends__Always keep tha
If you go down to the woods today.... ..
Misty Summer Mornings__Scenes like this
A Sea of Purple__Morning all! I ventured
Ghosts__Good morning everyone!__Yesterda
Natures Path__Most of us live such busy
The Gathering__Following the light aroun
The Philosophers Tower__Built around 170
The Barn__Yesterday morning I paid a tri
Bursting Into Green__Warmer weather seem
Lost in the Woodland - Part 1__We woke u
Lost in the Woodland - Part 2__Morning g
Standing Tall
Dark Skies__Good morning everyone! Dark
The Haunting 👻__Last night myself and m
Misty Valley__Evening all! Hows your day
A Touch of Mist__Good morning everyone!
Somewhere Over the Rainbow...
Among the Wild Flowers__Magic sure does
Fields of Dreams__Morning everyone and a
Panoramic Pinks__Another pink treat for
On the Tracks__A misty morning and a dif
Blowing in the Wind__Another shot from K
Beyond the Fog__Providing a break in my
A Place of Worship__I do not attend chur
The Lady of the Lake__During our visit t
Patience _Sunday morning I just had to f
Casting Shadows__One from Wales for toda
Mountain Peaks__Pen y Fan is the highest
Standing Out__Morning everyone! One more
Washed Away
Giants__Lining Beech Ave in Dorset are s
The Lone Figure__During the white out at
Opium Pinks__Being poppy season it only
The Earth has music for those who listen
Memories Will Live On__Today commemorate