As a lover of the great outdoors, to be out in nature at dawn and dusk with my camera in hand is the most enjoyable thing in the world.

I feel such a sense of connection with nature that it forms part of my identity and its even embedded within my DNA! Earth, rivers, mountains, trees and seas... there is so much beauty in nature all around us and I simply want to share that feeling with you all through my photography. Urgency, deadlines and “clock time," as measured by hours, minutes and seconds, melt away.


Once I am in that zone I forget about the daily stresses of life and there is nothing else apart from that moment. Seeing the conditions vary and taking in the excitement as a sky lights up with those otherworldly colours.... there is nothing quite like it!

Here is a small selection of my work, more can be found on my social media outlets where you will find regular updates so please come along and give my pages a like or a follow!

 All images are available for purchase as print or canvas - please get in touch for details.